Contracts signed totaling over $30M (4 commercial R&D contracts and 14 DoD contracts), First major disruption in engines in 100+ years, Addressable market size for engines and hybrid power systems. Research contracts and consulting make up the majority of their income. LiquidPiston has patented the High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC), which includes: 1) High Compression Ratio (i.e. These branches are looking to deploy LiquidPiston to hybrid-electrify their drone fleet, streamline power supply chains, and more. A natural gas X Mini would still be a spark-ignited (SI) engine. Things that create more power while using less gas are wonderful for generators. AU-2016228841-A1: High power density and efficiency epitrochoidal rotary engine: Active: 10-Mar-2015: F01C1/22: To view LiquidPiston's complete patent history, request access . The X Engine has few parts and thr. Demonstration of Hybrid Electric X-Engine using jet fuel in 55lb UAV for the Army which led to multiple contract awards. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. Each of the three housing chambers in the Rotary X is comparable to a piston. And because most mechanics work on piston-driven engines, repairs require specialists, which can be very expensive. Liquid piston with water spray based . Altogether, they've developed diesel engines and small gasoline engines alike, in addition to fuel injection and engine control systems. J . LPI's technology could be critical in addressing a possible lithium shortage. Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin. Something went wrong while submitting the form. One power pulse is delivered in one revolution of the output shaft. For LiquidPiston, that translates to building off the rotary engine and improving its efficiency for the enhancement of both electric and combustion cars. Now, you can see why many astute investors want to invest in LiquidPiston stock. Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement for LiquidPiston's Regulation A+ Offering. But more and more people are beginning to see the potential. Over the past several years, he has delivered unique, critical insights for the investment markets, as well as various other industries including legal, construction management, and healthcare. Jeep Gladiator discontinued: Will there be a 2023 Gladiator? Thanks to LiquidPistons proprietary technology, though, the company claims it can improve efficiency by 30%. Whether its bringing electric power to the front lines or to a city recovering from a natural disaster, todays bulky generators dont make it easy. Your submission has been received! More importantly, LiquidPiston stock faces broader competitive threats from established players. Despite dealing with some persistent supply chain challenges in 2022, Liquid Piston claims. September 13, 2022 09:00 ET | Source: LiquidPiston. Daniele Littera, et al., SAE Technical Paper 2015-32-0719, 2015This paper describes development progress of LiquidPistons small rotary engine, the XMv3, which operates on a Spark-Ignited (SI) variant of its patented High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC). Historically, rotary engines consume large volumes of oil and are prone to reliability issues. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are commonly used in a variety of industries for applications that require the reliable vacuum. Yes, that is one of several potential revenue streams. Thus, they give clients access to small, effective combustion engines that can run on various fuels. The X-Mini engine has gone through initial durability testing and has been tested in a customer prototype, which was demonstrated in an on-field application. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. We can combine up to three rotors and we can scale the rotors to larger size. The direct-interfacing of the apex and face seals eliminates the need for corner seals of the typical Wankel engine, significantly reducing rotary engine blowby. REFER AN OUTSTANDING ENGINEER AND RECEIVE $5,000. The paper will also provide an overview of a second smaller X engine, the X Mini Diesel (XMD), a small (70cc) spark-ignited (SI) multi-fueled engine that is heavy fuel compatible. Footage is provided courtesy of Exploration Distribution Inc. (C)2020. With more than $17 million in venture capital raised so far, LiquidPiston is taking on another round of investors. The formula for calculating the output power of an electric driver is: P_S\ =\ 1.732\times V\ \times I\ \times PF\ \times Motor\ Efficiency\times Coupling\ Efficiency. It is a much smaller and lighter engine than piston engines powered by gasoline and diesel. More information is available at X-Mini Engine and X-Engine Diesel. As with any investing opportunity, risks abound. Additionally, the combustion chamber can take any geometry, and can be approximately spherical, optimized for surface to volume ratio, thereby improving combustion efficiency and reducing heat transfer.The apex seals of the X engine are located within the stationary housing, and do not move with the rotor. Its because there may be legitimate applications for them. Founded by father-son duo Nikolay Shkolnik and Alec Shkolnik (CEO), the LiquidPiston team combines decades of mechanical knowledge and boundless ingenuity. This allows significant reduction in oil consumption over a regular rotary motor. By LiquidPiston announced today the adaptation of its X-Engine technology for the United States Air Force to use in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as well as "orbs" - urban air mobility (UAM . Yes. Visit our investor page to learn more. And this runs counter to the concept of combustion engines. In the Wankel, the only successful pistonless rotary engine to date, an oval-like epitrochoid housing surrounds a curved sided triangular rotor. We fully expect the X-Engine will be able to burn low-carbon fuels, such as bio-fuels and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This is to create lighter and smaller engines than conventional diesel engines. They are the rotor and the shaft, which are perfectly balanced. No wonder the Department of Defense has awarded us over $30M to date. Since its start in 2003, Liquid Piston has been operating. The liquid piston and the reciprocating piston exhibited a total efficiency of 83% and 70% Compression . This trade-off can be mitigated in a liquid (water) piston air-compressor/expander with enhanced heat transfer. Therefore, if you paid $54 per share in the last reg A campaign, this means that post-split, you will hold 10x as many shares, but at an effective share price of $5.40 per share. Oops! engines' efficiency ranges from 3-6%. And while the company doesnt face direct competition Mazda (OTCMKTS:MZDAY) abandoned its rotary-powered RX-8 it faces irrelevancy from other innovations. By wasting much less energy during the course of an combustion cycle. But in the case of LiquidPiston, the advancements are more nuanced. LiquidPiston was featured on How Its Made, a documentary series from the Science Channel that offers viewers a look behind the scenes at how everyday things are manufactured. I guess one difference looks to be that it is likely to be slightly better in terms of thermal efficiency, as the whole combustion process takes place . They had a minor gain in revenue in 2021 and 2022, yet they suffered losses. Watch our episode from Season 31 below for an in-depth look at the makings of LiquidPiston rotary engines. Finally, if Im reading this correctly, Mazda has a similar idea to LiquidPistion: use a rotary engine as a range extender for EVs. In addition, it can run on Jet A fuel, the fuel choice of the military, unlike other engines of the same size. Standard. A new spin on the internal combustion engine by startup LiquidPiston aims for a leap in efficiency from 20 percent to 50 percent. Considering Lowering Prices? Daniele Littera, et al., SAE Technical Paper 2015-32-0719, 2015. This cycle has the potential to be up to 30% more fuel efficient than traditional Otto or Diesel cycles. The principle of using ionic fluid in combination with porous media to improve compression efficiency is introduced. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Now as the company them selves state: These engines . The advantage of SI-HEHC is compatibility with a range of fuels including Diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, propane, and even hydrogen2) Constant-Volume combustion (i.e. Hence, it has been 20 years, and there still needs to be a production product. DOI: 10.1115/FEDSM2013-16510 Corpus ID: 101634949; Isothermal Efficiency of Liquid Piston Compressors Employed in Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems @inproceedings{Dolatabadi2013IsothermalEO, title={Isothermal Efficiency of Liquid Piston Compressors Employed in Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems}, author={Amir Momeni Dolatabadi and Drazen Fabris and Dean A. Samara-Rubio}, year={2013} } The air is then isolated in a constant volume chamber. Moreover, with an optimum inlet pressure of liquid piston, the round-trip efficiency and exergy efficiency were achieved to be 62.6% and 55.4%, respectively, in actual operating conditions. This paper investigates the . Startup investing can be a great opportunity on its own. That is rarely how it is utilized, like anything that can be misused. Its even though everyone ages away from an exit. The design is theoretically capable of 75 percent thermal efficiency, but the group is targeting 57 percent in real world applications, still a huge jump. It has fewer moving parts and allows for burning diesel, biofuels, gasoline, and green options like hydrogen. We are always interested in exceptional people. This includes ones used in small drones, go-karts, and generatorsas well as many connections with the military to manufacturing these items. DISADVANTAGE-low efficiency Answer (1 of 2): Liquid Piston's X Engine is a non-Wankel rotary engine that is a further enhancement to a High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC). BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiquidPiston, the leading innovator of efficient engine technology and hybrid power systems, announced a $9 million award from the U.S. Army to . The number of mirror segments, mirror geometry and orientation are essential parameters when assessing the beam-shaping capabilities of deformable mirrors. LiquidPistons rotary engines are the first disruption to engine technology in over a century. This makes the X engine uniquely suitable for high compression ratio operation with Direct Injection and Compression Ignition (which is not possible in the Wankel without boosting or a second compression rotor). The X-Mini is a 70cc air-cooled naturally aspirated four-stroke X-Engine variant, that has been operated on a variety of fuels using spark ignition including gasoline, kerosene, jet fuels including Jet A, as well as propane and hydrogen .[4]. Thus, the dramatic rate of demand is deceptive because were talking about small number comparisons. A simple, efficient and elegant system, the X Engine only has a few moving parts, including the rotor (the primary work-producing component) and an eccentric shaft. However, the combustion engine is still remarkably inefficient, with average power units generating around 20% thermal efficiency. But it has already taken them 20 years to reach the market. To learn more about this opportunity, head on over to its StartEngine profile. After several successful fundraisers, including earning over $17 million on StartEngine, Liquid Piston has reportedly become a favorite among crowd funders. This 10:1 stock split means that effectively the share price is reduced by 10x (while the number of shares is increased by 10x). Ideal partners are current engine developers and manufacturers that are looking to expand their product lines.While we appreciate all of the interest we have received from folks that volunteer to test engine prototypes in various applications, we are not currently looking for help in this area. Why did LiquidPiston already get millions in Department of Defense (DoD) contracts? As evidence, consider the recent announcement by Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), which declared that improving battery efficiency will soon enable the tech firm to develop a $25,000 EV. Business Lessons From the Family That's the 'Cake Boss' Empire. We envision three future revenue streams while we expand our footprint into various commercial as well as military application markets: On March 09, 2022 we effected a ten-for-one (10:1) forward stock split. As a result of this split, each share of the Companys Common Stock was split into ten (10) shares of Common Stock. ADVANTAGE-operation is not affected by the intake of liquid-The liquid-piston type of compressor has been of particular advantage when hazardous gases are being handled. The red line is a three lobe epitrochoid, which is the shape of the liquidpiston's combustion chamber. . They have lost $26 million in investor money in less than 20 years. LiquidPiston has created the modeling tools required to optimize its engine development process, which reduces the time taken to go from concept-to-prototype. In order to use the Diesel cycle efficiently, high compression ratios are required. A liquid piston concept is proposed to improve the efficiency of gas compression and expansion. But they still had a $26 million loss as of 2022. All papers are available for download below. Here's why LiquidPiston's new engine technology is catching the attention of researchers and engineers everywhere and why investors should tune in as well. Its because the profits drop, and it has yet to create a product ready for the market in nearly two decades. Thus, it isnt easy to see how they will expand to the level of a return. Eaton is developing an at-home natural gas refueling system that relies on a liquid piston to compress natural gas. LiquidPiston, Inc (LPI) has developed a compact, efficient rotary engine architecture (the "X" Engine) which operates on an advanced, fuel-optimized thermodynamic cycle. Current 10kW diesel generators weigh nearly 1,000 pounds. Only two primary moving parts, optimally balanced. Van de Ven et al. . The company is focusing on military and aerospace markets, whose propulsion and . A liquid piston gas compressor facilitates high-pressure compression, and efficient convective heat transfer can significantly reduce the compression energy consumption during air compression. It should be a much nicer user experience all around.". Their recent audit in 2022 revealed $3.5 million in revenue and a $63,000 loss. This concept replaces the traditional solid piston with a liquid column resting over the piston surface to directly compress gas in a fixed-volume vertically-oriented compression chamber. Over time, people will be buying more EVs, taking the sheen off combustion-engine investments. Building on over 15 years of R&D, LiquidPiston provides a power solution that can scale to address the needs of the $400B internal combustion engine market and is a key enabler for emerging mobility technologies including electric cars, urban aircraft, and drones.The company is focusing on military and aerospace markets, whose propulsion and power generation segments represent large application opportunities for LiquidPiston.